More Smart-Ass, Less Dumb-Ass

I am Naenerys Cargaryen, Mother Of Hooligans, Breaker Of Spells, Maker of Misc... please visit my Tube Of You for random, ridiculous and somewhat mature "comedy" <3

The Legend Of The Ampersand

This is one of the first you tube videos I ever made. It's educational!

Feel The Barb: Barbie For President 2016 Campaign Trail

I couldn't resist making fun of the election shenanigans!  This is my parody of the real life 2016 campaign.

Mother Of Hooligans by Naenerys Cargaryen

This is my parody of The Daily Circus comics that were in the Sunday paper when I was a kid.  Moments from my real life illustrated with Bitstrips, now defunct.

I need to find a new illustrator!